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In our modern fast paced society, attention to the health maintenance and minor health problems get relegated to the back burner. In our ambitious, success-oriented society, small irritating problems can be corrected with a little caring.

Flax seed oil, garlic, resinous herbal formulas with frankincense and myrrh....all are better candidates for keeping the body healthy and significantly reducing the chances of a heart attack. Garlic used regularly will (1)thin the blood; (2) reduce cholesterol: (3) strengthen the immune system (garlic has strong antibacterial qualities) A total plus with no side effects and very cheap.

What we need to do is sit down and take an inventory on all our minor problems and systematically reverse the trend. A colon cleanse, a Liver or Kidney detox, a five day fast, Infra-red sauna all myriad of things that can be done to cleanse the body, calm the emotions and rejuvenate the mind.

These minor nagging problems are not only physical in nature, a constant state of stress and/or anger will raise the body's cholesterol, disturb the digestive system and cause temporal headaches that can send you to bed in pain. A constant drive to succeed, overly heavy sexual activity can deplete the energy reservoir causing low back pain and frequent urination.

So in summary, take charge of your own health. If you have a car and makes a funny noise your rush to the mechanic to diagnose the problem, don't you?

Fix the minor problems before it becomes bigger!

Dorthe Thure