Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy


PRP THERAPHY offers a solution to

                   accelerate healing.                       

The philosophy is to merge edge technology with the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Blood is made of RBC (Red Blood Cells), Plasma and Platelets. In the last 20 years we had learned that when activated in the body, platelets release healing proteins called growth factors, they accelerate tissue and wound healing.

The focus is for difficult patients for whom well recognized nonsurgical and surgical approaches are not effective.

its benefits include:
• Increases the natural production of collagen
• Rejuvenates aging skin
• Triggers angiogenesis (the formation of new blood
• Stimulates stem cell differentiation and proliferation
• Promote hair growth
In my practice, I have had amazing results with just
one treatment of the knees, achilles tendons, wrist ligaments
and skin rejuvenation. Patients have remained
pain-free and very active for up to two years following
PRP treatment. It Is very safe therapy, and patients usually
go back to regular activities in one or two days.

What is it:

PRP is a fraction of your own blood drawn off and spun down and then reapplied or injected to create improved tissue health. Platelets are very small cells in your blood that are involved in the clotting process. As they organize in the clot they release a number of enzymes to promote healing and tissue responses including attracting Stem cells to repair the damaged area.  When used in injured or sun-and time-damaged tissue they can induce a remodeling of

What can it be used for:

Speeds healing of open wounds, in tendons, other musculoskeletal injuries and in problems like arthritis.  Also used to improve skin texture, lines and wrinkles.

Conditions that can be treated:

Osteoarthritis of the Knee, Shoulder Injuries, Hip, Spine and Neck Injuries, Rotator Cuff Tears, Chronic plantar fasciitis, anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries, Ankle sprains, tendonitis, Ligament sprains and skin problems. 

How many treatments are required?

With wounds and acute injuries one treatment of PRP therapy may be enough. For chronic conditions it may need more treatments, once a month.

How is done?

A tube (two or three) are drawn off the same way blood is taken for blood testing. While the skin is being numbed with a topical Anesthetic cream, the blood sample is spun for around 15 min. The PRP is drawn from the tube in small syringe. A small amount of Calcium chloride solution is added to stimulate the process, once mixed is then injected in the cleaned anaesthetized skin in either small lines or tiny dots in the deeper skin layer, or onto the open wound or injured area. For skin improvements platelet rich plasma is instilled into the sameAreas over three sessions usually spaced around a month apart.

How quickly does the result show?

This is a gradual process with changes continuing to show for three to six months after the treatment.

How long does it last?

At the moment the effect seems to last about 2 years, there will be variations from one person to the next on this.

Are there side effects?

There will be some short-lasting pinkness or redness, bruising is also a possibility. This may take a week or so to resolve.In terms of an anti-aging and regenerative medicine,